About us

What we do

Health Society website provides one place for Australians
to find reliable and trustworthy health information and self-care resources.
It is a community initiative combining the efforts of a wide range of partner and supporter organisations.



The key objectives of the Health Society website are to help you navigate the health information maze and:

  • simplify the process of finding trusted and reliable health information
  • equip you with information, tools and resources that help you make better decisions and choices to maximise your health and quality of life
  • improve the quality of health information used by Australians by developing a quality framework and minimum standards for all linked resources
  • improve accessibility of reliable self-care/self-help information to support shared decision making, patient autonomy, self-determination and encourage consumer activation and sharing of responsibility in ongoing healthcare
  • improve consumer safety by promoting clinical excellence and up-skilling of consumers to stay alert to anything that doesn’t seem right
  • encourage and facilitate increased understanding and use of self-management tools, resources and principles within both primary and secondary care
  • support the practical implementation of evidence-based clinical guidelines by making them more available at the point of care
  • support individuals and families with positive behavior change through access to evidence-based online tools, resources, self-help programs and support groups
  • improve accessibility and availability of health information for specific groups such as Aboriginal and Tours Strait islanders
  • become a trusted source of health information and practical tools for health professionals and consumers


Why you should trust us

You need to have confidence that you can trust the information you are receiving online.
That is why we go to great lengths to ensure our website provides you with reliable, Australian-focused health information.

One of the key advantages of the website is that it makes it easy for everyday people to find trustworthy and reliable health information and quickly. We do this by providing original material that is considered best practice and we link to existing resources from other reputable organisations.